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My room , you jelly ? (;

My room , you jelly ? (;

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  1. sendmetoowonderland answered: oh coollio but no lol
  2. redbone-kush answered: Dammm , & i thought i was obsessed! Ha ; go headdd :D
  3. shawty-thickums answered: a lyttle :/
  4. itsbriellabay answered: thats kinda hhw mines look but the lights are only on 1 wall under my name
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  6. calayfornia answered: very
  7. ashlyaass answered: Yeah, I’m Pretty Jelly
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  9. ladymindlessallday answered: i love all of your princeton and prodigy posters :D
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    My room , you jelly ? (;
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    yes I am very jealous
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  13. suckmystussy answered: How do u get them lights on the wall though, my mom would freaking kill me! lol
  14. ccsanon answered: swagger on a 100 1000 trillion
  15. life-of-a-american-hoe answered: nope lol
  16. joviannexo answered: o_o Very Jelly.
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